scam company “Sich Capital”

I am randy,

My account RLM5-120221 (SICH Capital LTD)

\1. SICH Capital LTD sued a planform MT5 XAUUSD.s was not reliable matching the true market price, I lost a lot of money $323450.00USD amount. A report from date was trading marking price 1791.00-> 1855.89 2021-21-12 19:54:43 in USA California time. The true market price recorded and inflation at volatility didn’t show on the true market and not follow at……CFDs Investopedia, etc.

\2. Ask why? SICH Capital LTD customer Services reposed “Hello, fluctuations are normal”. but several days Later the company SICH Capital LTD reset in my account to changed differently a planform MT5 XAUUSD.z (I Verify 12/20/21 at 4:54pm in California USA time) and immediately clean up and didn’t show in a record report (I Verify 12/22/21 at 2:48pm in USA California time). I was Sell that date and didn’t show fluctuations. I will upload all photos.