Love Scam Company “Sich Capital ltd”

Sich Capital company is a romance scam company

Scammer’s website: sichcapitalax[dot]com


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Sich Capital ltd

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scam company Sich Capital ltd

Scam company Sich Capital

I am from NYC and I matched with a beautiful Asian girl on a dating app.

She would shift the conversation to Whatsapp and we would begin talking there. At first all the exchanges were very normal and pleasant exchanges….. then she would start hinting that she is extraordinarily wealthy (F1 racing, travels world, owns businesses, donates to charities)…. It was subtle enough that at first I didn’t think to much into but then my BS radar definitely started going off.

Eventually she would mention during the day she does trading…. for my scammer she mentioned Spot gold trading, (but I read online many times it is Forex/ or other items)…. she would then push to teach you about trading and ask you to download an MT4 or MT5 trading app and try to invest with virtual money.

Keep in mind this person really dedicates themselves to the “dating” persona, and will still text you as if she likes you (random texts, good morning, good night, cutesy stuff)…. Matter of fact she actually called me for VERY quick conversations with poor english.

Anyways, around this time I was getting very suspicious so I asked to video chat… what is bizarre is that she initially agreed, …. I think they may have been willing to video chat but make sure the lighting was bad or something like that, …. but at this point I knew she was fake… I found her fake instagram and it was full of red flags….. furthermore I found similar scams when I researched online…. When I called her out then the true colors came out and she started cursing me out. (at first denying ofcourse)

Here is a video speaking about a similar experience from somewhere else.

Anyways… if its too good to be true it definitely IS!