Doo Prime’s Owner Windson Chan Has Long Been Wanted and Has Immigrated to Vanuatu, Unable to Return to Mainland China

Doo Prime Moves Office to Escape Troubles in Hong Kong

Industry insiders are aware that Doo Prime faced significant trouble this year, with clients protesting in Hong Kong at the company’s original office: UNIT A, 25/F, BLOCK B, BILLION CENTRE, 1 Wang Kwong Rd, Kowloon Bay. The owner, Windson Chan, originally from Shenzhen’s Bao’an District, found the situation intolerable and decided to refund clients' funds. However, how many would go to Hong Kong to protest? Most of them are still left without recourse.

Just recently, Doo Prime moved its office to a new address, possibly due to clearing out its previous location. The new office is at The Millennity building in Kwun Tong, Kowloon. Those interested can keep an eye on this.

Doo Prime Owner Windson Chan

Doo Prime Owner Windson Chan Holds a Vanuatu Passport

Windson Chan’s Vanuatu Passport

Clients Still Unable to Withdraw Funds

According to a Doo Prime client, A, he deposited 90,000 USDT on September 5th and started buying gold on September 7th. He continued to increase his position on September 8th despite incurring losses and eventually decided to exit the market. However, Doo Prime claimed that client A had violated rules and deducted his profits, with the shortest order being only 50 minutes. This indicates that Doo Prime is unwilling to lose and resorts to seizing clients' profits.

Doo Prime Fraud Record

There have been numerous similar complaints, including one from a British client of Doo Prime:

Doo Prime Exposed for Fraud

Warning to Manchester United

According to Doo Prime’s website, the company became a partner of Manchester United in 2023. Windson Chan has been working to expand this partnership’s influence and has set new profit targets. Manchester United should be aware that Doo Prime is a fraudulent platform exploiting their fans. Victims are advised to contact Manchester United’s UK customer service for complaints, which might offer a chance for resolution.

Windson Chan Wanted Since 2017

Windson Chan, born on August 9, 1993, in Bao’an District, Shenzhen, has been wanted (No. T53030017***1020) since 2017. He founded Shenzhen Qianhai Zhongjin Metropolis Technology Co., Ltd. and its Shanghai branch, developing forex trading and management systems like Doo Yesun Cloud, Doo Trader, and MT4 Client Cloud Management System. These platforms have faced legal issues, leading to his being wanted by the police in Qujing, Yunnan, since June 2017. Unable to continue in China, he fled abroad to operate Doo Prime.

Doo Prime Contact Information

Cross-Border Pursuit Has Precedents: Victims Can Contact Lawyers

Previously, a forex platform called Renhe Financial faced similar issues. In 2021, it promoted finding stable traders for large sums of idle funds, but by June 2022, its website was down, and investors lost their principal. Investors are currently pursuing legal action. Victims are encouraged to contact lawyers for cross-border legal action, which is a viable option.

Windson Chan Windson Chan’s Personal Introduction