Doo Prime Limits Profitable Clients' Withdrawals, Owner Windson Chan Has Immigrated to Vanuatu

Recently, an investor revealed on a media platform that a client deposited USDT in Doo Prime to buy gold. Upon closing the position and taking profits, the client was notified by the platform of a violation. Doo Prime is suspected of arbitrarily deducting the client’s profits and restricting their withdrawal operations.

Client A stated that they deposited 90,000 USDT on September 5th, started buying gold on September 7th, and continued to increase their position on September 8th despite incurring losses. When the market reached a short-term high and the expected profit, A closed the position in batches. Given the short-term market volatility, A decided to withdraw funds. However, Doo Prime saw that A had earned a significant profit and directly emailed claiming A violated rules. A’s shortest order was 50 minutes, and there were orders opened on the 7th. This suggests that Doo Prime might be betting against clients and unwilling to lose, directly seizing client profits.

Doo Prime Owner Windson Chan Scam Source: Provided by a user Doo Prime Owner Windson Chan Seizing Client Profits Source: Provided by a user

Besides this complaint, there are multiple records on media platforms with keywords like “unable to withdraw” and “fraud.”

Doo Prime Owner Windson Chan Exposed for Fraud Doo Prime Owner Windson Chan Exposed for Fraud

According to the whistleblower, Doo Prime’s regulatory issues have long been evident! All their licenses are from island nations and offshore regulators, which have very low regulatory intensity and pose significant safety risks. As a forex broker, Doo Prime is not allowed to operate forex business in mainland China. The recent raid on their Shanghai office is likely due to their illegal operations in mainland China.

Some users warn investors with accounts at Doo Prime to be cautious about their funds' safety, make the right judgment, and withdraw their money early to avoid taking unnecessary risks.

Additionally, users found two addresses for Doo Prime on Google Maps, but neither is a locally licensed company; they are all shell companies. Here are the address details:

  1. UNIT A, 25/F, BLOCK B, BILLION CENTRE, 1 Wang Kwong Rd, Kowloon Bay Doo Prime Address
  2. 98 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong, The Millennity, 28/F, Tower 2 Doo Prime Address

Doo Prime and Its Owner

According to the official website, Doo Prime is an internet broker offering trading in stocks, futures, currencies, precious metals, and CFDs. It aims to provide clients with a wide range of trading products, allowing investments in as many types of financial products as possible through one account.

Doo Prime Account Introduction Source: Doo Prime

According to a whistleblower, Windson Chan, born in 1993, previously worked on setting up binary options and forex white labels. After facing difficulties in China, he moved abroad to operate Doo Prime.

Doo Prime Owner Windson Chan on Social Media